Why Verona Plastic Surgery is giving “Brazilian Butt Lift ‘BBL’ Scholarships” — And how to apply for one

$3000 towards BBL Surgery.

In Beverly Hills, the average price of a BBL is $11,500. With the $3000 scholarship, that will bring it down to $8500.

58% of patients who want plastic surgery have to hold off on it for years.

Given how life changing an enhanced can be, it’s a shame patients have to wait years for it.

Or even worse, they get cheap surgery and end up unhappy with their results. Cheap plastic surgery is especially dangerous for the BBL procedure. You want a plastic surgeon who is experienced and trained with all the safety methods.

Verona Plastic Surgery, through its Board-Certified plastic surgeons, is offering a special “BBL Scholarship” to help people in this situation.

This scholarship package is for you if:

  1. You feel that a BBL would be life changing for you
  2. You would like to have one soon, but what has stopped you is not having the savings
  3. You want to go to a top BBL surgeon; you are not looking for “cheap surgery”

Before and After Results

Studies have been done on how cosmetic surgery affects people’s lives. It turns out that cosmetic surgery improves how women feel in their social circle. They perform better at work. Their sexual and psychological well being improve. 

Fill out the form below to apply for your $3000 plastic surgery scholarship. This is a rare opportunity to get a Beverly Hills BBL for only $8,500.


Please fill out the form below. Applicants are considered on a first come, first serve basis. Just tell your story the best you can to qualify for the scholarship.

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