Our Office

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon requires research into their expertise, results and education.

Most patients tell us that their final decision is based on their personal connection with an office, their staff and their chosen surgeon.

Verona Plastic Surgery prides itself on the wonderful experiences it offers patients from their initial inquiry to far beyond aftercare.

To prepare for your consultation, our surgeons recommend looking at plenty of before and after pictures to identify your goals and easily explain them to your surgeon.

On the day of their consultation, patients have the opportunity to discuss their goals and how to achieve them. They can also ask as many questions as they like – our surgeons truly believe that the best patients are well-informed patients.

If patients decide to move ahead with their procedure of interest, the Verona surgeons and their staff are committed to providing an excellent surgical and aftercare experience. Plastic Surgery is not just about the result – it’s about how patients are cared for, communicated with and feel throughout the whole process.

To inquire about the Verona Plastic Surgery experience, call the office today or submit an application for a scholarship.